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R:STC - Semper Fi
Quiet. Even with a thin atmosphere, this desolate, glorified moon was deafeningly quiet. That was something the holovids never got right. Even explosions were never more than a whisper. FedNet scriptwriters should have known better. War in a pressure suit was a surreal experience of muted touch, augmented sight, and radio static. It was all the stranger in a Marauder, those lumbering simian machines the Mobile Infantry relied upon for squad support. You felt the servos whine beneath you, the ice and regolith crunching beneath your massive clawed feet. All vibrations and sensor readouts. Yet the ancient human eye still had its due, gazing out from behind the tinted polymer canopy at the ball of frost and rock that had been her world for seven grueling standard days. It was beautiful, in a strange, charnel way. This was Pluto, the last 'planet' of the Solar system, if it could be called that. Mankind's last native outpost on the edge of the frozen Kuiper Belt, the frontier on the outer d
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GoT/WH40K - From Iron to Gold
Lord Commissar Lucan Bosch gazed over the stinking heap of a city that stretched before him, made all the more unpleasent by the odour that wafted from the half-charred hovels than lined the muddy streets. It had all the horrid, seared, rotting smell of a battle just passed, with the addition of a population ignorant of esoteric developments such as soap and not trodding in one's own filth. He reached to scratch his sagging chin, then realised hygeine had escaped more than the immediate citzenry. A scraggly, three day beard on a Lord Commissar, and him with an audience almost upon him? That would not do. A commissar in the field, a good one, was filthier than the man next to him. A commissar in barracks however, had ensure his boots could serve as a shaving mirror. At least this muck filled rat trap was advanced enough the substitution was unnecessary.
He shed the heat of his black woolen coat heavy with brocade, rolled his shirtsleeves and filled a wash basin. No soldier went to his g
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Season's Wings
The geese on wing have taken flight,
To flee the sultry summer night,
Fading fast with frigid flight,
With Autumn’s creeping evening light;
The clouds on passing breezes play,
Shaped in wind like soggy clay,
Who like the summer cannot stay,
But fade away, with passing day…
The gull dives ‘round on ivory wings,
And with his mocking chorus sings,
Of bread and bug and shiny things,
Cast at his feet like royal rings;
The cresting surf once his delight,
Has turned on him with wrathful spite,
So sea he spurns for ‘lectric sprite,
To dwell midst car, and blacktop trite…
The osprey soars above the land,
Where oak and aspen forest stand,
His gaze cast down on toiling Man,
O’er tired soil and salty sand;
The bay rolls black gripped in its throes,
As concrete spired city grows,
O’er field where singing servant sowed,
By rivers dead, where Jack once rowed…
The owl hoots within his tree,
Through ancient gloom of night he sees;
All that moves and think
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Mature content
Exodus :iconwolfblade670:Wolfblade670 2 3
Mature content
The Road King :iconwolfblade670:Wolfblade670 1 0
In Her Majesty's Extraplanetary Service
Major Charles Aubrey uttered a string of unseemly nouns as another branch of foliage fell before him. Quietly as possible, of course; profanity in front of the men would not do…and words carried in the jungle, for ears keen enough to hear them. Vine and leaf fell before the parang gripped in his left hand. The heavy bladed machete was a far more practical choice then his sabre, the beloved badge of rank being more an encumbrance then a friend in such confines, despite his skill with it. Such strokes of course, were only possible because of his left arm. Or lack thereof. Where there had once been the flesh and bone bestowed by God and Nature, there now flexed a skeletal contraption of steel and brass. It hummed and clicked something awful, and its linkage at the stump of his shoulder ceaselessly ached. Nevertheless, it meant he could still function in the field. At least, that was the theory. In truth, the muck and humidity of the Venusian biome played hell with the limb. Never w
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The Border Orc
The wind howled through the crags, laying its icy chill across the landscape. Grog pulled his cloak tighter, trying to suppress a shiver in spite of the cold. Shifting his weight, he leaned on his spear and panned his eyes yet again over the grey, bare desolation that was the Flint Hills. Privately he scoffed at the name, not for the first time. They were mountains in all but name, but of course, its no place for the border orc to tell cartographers their business. He snorted, his cloudy breath carried away on the wind as quickly as it appeared. His hobnail sandals dug into the sparse earth, laboring to keep to his feet despite the gale. It was a rubbish part of the duty watch, having to crawl up to one of the rocky promontories that overlooked the Tower itself. The small keep was already set high in the east slope, looking down over Krogut’s Passage, but a few crags offered a view over the Tower and even beyond the mountains themselves on good days. Today was not one of those go
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Thirty and two, breathe
One hundred a minute, ribs crack
Muscles ache; shocking …
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Shadows in the Dark
Darkness reigned about the walls of the hut. As smoke curled from the meagre fire that burned at its centre, tendrils of crimson and orange crawled forth to leap and dance with the shadow. Painted scenes of hunt and war covered the walls of weathered hide, blood rendered in ochre seemed to flow anew as the warriors birthed in coal and berry black joined the flickering firelight, to bound and slay in the night. The only sounds were the crackling of the fire, the wind making known its lordship of nature just beyond the mammoth-skin wall, and the silent rhythm of a man's breathing, a heartbeat of deep contemplation. Before the fire this man sat, a mantle of wolf skins upon his broad shoulders. The dull scarlet of the fire mingled with the red copper of his skin, the thick locks of his ebon hair half-concealing his scarred face. He stared deep into the prancing flame, a primordial picture; the pigments on his flesh somersaulting in a dozen savage designs, tributes and invocations to namele
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The Twilight King, Chapter II
An acrid stench filled the chamber as Kor of Karroth emptied the contents of his stomach. Even the stifling clouds of incense that played through the air of his quarters did little to mask the smell. He wiped the spittle from his jaw, then poured another flagon of wine to be ride of the taste. The stout, muscular man slumped back onto the plush, gilded throne that marked the state of his office, his scarred face propped up on a fist with a sigh.
His purgation was the result of yet another feast, the remnants of which still lay slopped ignominiously behind a nearby tapestry. Despite his explicit protestations the empty-headed louts that comprised his court still insisted upon gorging themselves almost nightly, even as the granaries waned thin. He could not say the same for his counselors’ waistlines.
Kor didn’t know how they did it. In his youth among the thorny badlands, a man ate on the run. It could be three or four days, perhaps a week, between kills; you nibbled on nuts
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I dwelt in slumber
In sleep, I tasted greatness.
I awoke. Nothing.
:iconwolfblade670:Wolfblade670 0 0
I am the silent, crawling shade
Before whom every light doth fade
With every edifice unmade
My labours do exalt me.
The marbled might of valiant Rome
The hunter in his cliffside home
Perfumed Baghdad’s golden domes
All have knelt before me!
Against my formless, ageless hands
My legions of the shifting sand
No peak, no king, no god can stand
There is no victory.
I am Time. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.
:iconwolfblade670:Wolfblade670 4 0
The Twilight King
Ivory teeth sunk into the flesh of a nameless fruit, succulent juices rolling off the lips of Ascelon, King of Juul. He savored it, chewing slowly, letting every morsel linger on his palette. Even as he labored to sear the sensation into his brain, he could not help but taste a twinge of sadness. The hillsides had gone to brambles, and the palace orchards yielded fewer every year. There was no way to know when he'd ever taste another.
He stretched his length upon the velvet couch, half buried in silks and tiger skins. Amidst the columns of the veranda crept the light of the fading evening, the waning rays of day straining to offer their last breath against the coming night. The air around him hung heavy with incense and perfume, burying the rank of mould that had long since set into the crags of the aged palace. With a yawn the king arose from his repose, his silks falling away to let the sunlight bathe his naked form. His was a countenance of physical perfection, statuesque and Apollo
:iconwolfblade670:Wolfblade670 8 2
The Hunter - Fragment
The cold. Always the cold. It clung to everything, like the frost it birthed. On the wind it danced, twisting through the silent grey that rose like tombstones from the cracked asphalt streets. With its waltz it shook the branches of the few gnarled, sickly trees that remained among the forest of concrete and steel. Their threadbare branches reached out into the twilight like the skeletal fingers of a dying man, seeming to grope for a last bit of warmth, before slipping off into eternal night.
He hated coming here.
The cold continued to bite. It tore at your skin, it gnawed at your bones. At least the snows were gone. Now came the rains; the aching, chafing misery of the damp. But at least the snows were gone.
The Hunter played with the glass at his feet. Shattered windows, a gloved hand sifting through the pieces...ah, there it is, green and clear, the bottom of a beer bottle. It disappears into a small leather pouch, buried in his shoulder bag. He shifts his weight, slowly rising fro
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Post-Secondary - A Limerick
Defying all expectation, he achieved quite the education
Through curiosity, pluck, and exploration,
The revelation of fermentation, distillation, and transmutation;
The walls of his domus bear proud the decoration:
Summa Cum Laude In Inebriation!
With iron will and alacrity, he embraced the sport of gluttony
In matters edible and culinary, he defied nutritional tyranny
Embracing defiance of the calorie to the furthest extension of sanity
The banquet in all its perfidity laid waste to vittles' rigidity
In excesses of all forms dietary, beyond the gates of infinity
In forms of feminine persuasion, he pursued thorough investigation
Evading all their castigation, he achieved quite the reputation
In eloquent declaration of his perpetual infatuation
Through proficient demonstration in horizontal recreation
He thrived on a fixation of amorous conjugation
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Kaputnik MkIV by Wolfblade670 Kaputnik MkIV :iconwolfblade670:Wolfblade670 0 3


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Man logging back in here is like opening a time capsule...


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